How to Put on Your "Body on Me" Shapewear...

A big reason that women avoid wearing shapewear is that is can be really difficult to put on and often this leads to returns due to the customer thinking the item is too small. We do admit that putting on most shapewear takes a bit more effort and oomph than throwing on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. But if you get it right, the effort is worth it.
  • Always step into your "Body on Me" shapewear. If you try to get it over your head and shoulders you will get stuck!
  • Don't try your "Body on Me" shapewear on freshly moisturised skin. This may lead to soiling the item with grease/marks etc, so moisturise afterwards.
  • Go slowly and be patient. You may need a lie down once you have got them on, but the results will be worth it!
  • Bunch and roll it up (like putting on a pair of tights), do not try and pull it up like a normal piece of clothing. Shapewear runs small and is designed to be tight so you need to take your time in getting it on.
  • Stand up and pull up the item to your crotch or waist, make sure the bum is covered properly and correctly and feels snugly fitted, before pull the fabric up and over your breasts whilst gradually releasing the fabric.
  • Pull the straps over your shoulder and adjust for fit and comfort.