I recall the first time this female ever came into store, she was with her Mom. I distinctly remember because we had a moment of small talk and both were very chatty and soo encouraging about how great it was to see a #BlackOwned business on the High Street (Disclaimer: Mom is nothing to do with incidents that occurred following)

So, on her last visit to store this female stole an item, concealed in her gilet which we didn’t realise until after she’d already left the store and was tidying the rails. I reeled back the CCTV for confirmation and even then I had to slow it right down and zoom in because she was so slick with it, so it’s my opinion that this was definitely not her first time theft. 

Now here’s where it’s giving A U D A C I T Y . . .

  • Remember the talk about “coming back to support” on her first visit? 
  • On the date of theft she had even commented how “beautiful” my baby boy was, who I was holding at the time (while stealing from me the hand that feeds him)
  • I’m also now deeping how on a previous visit to the store (when I didn’t suspect her of been a thief) she tried to bring a suss friend with her to steal too (girl with the ginger bob)
  • On the date of theft, she returned to store because a SALE item she had bought (as a distraction to the full price item she had stolen) had scanned up overpriced by a £2/3 according to sale ticket


Now, if you remember oour previous shoplifter drama, you know that I took it to socials right away and recieved payment back for the stolen item! But this time I’m like let’s “Play fool to Catch Wise,” because this female has been in store a few times, so I was confident she would return at again sooner or later!

Ffast forward to Saturday 18th August, I’ve barely had the shop open an hour and in she walks. Keep in mind, it’s been MONTHS since she pulled her little stunt. But a few mins later, her face registers, and I’m like, “Wait, it’s her!”

When I confronted her about her shoplifting antics, she obviously tried to protest her innocence, insinuating I was lieing/falsely accusing her and tried to demand I must show her proof 🫠.

She then made matters 100x worse (for herself) by pitching the rails over on her way out causing this carnage: 


The police had already been called (at her request) prior to her leaving the shop but in true style they didn’t even turn up until 30 minutes after the incident. They informed me that because she has come back and committed to criminal damage on my also be able to pursue for the shoplifting prior shoplifting incident too even tho months had passed. 

Her photo was shared to my personal socials and within less than 48 hours people spoke up and came thru will all of her details 👏🏾.

Let this be a lesson to any opportunists or shoplifters; Sassy Luxe is not like the major stores who deal with things in the privacy of the security guards office: The Shackles of Social Media Shaming WILL be waiting for you ✌🏾plus MORE…

Anyway, thank you to my loving customers for all your words of concern. Me and baba were not at all harmed during the incident and all is well 🫶🏾

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